A pink slip, also known as an e-Safety check, is required for all light vehicles that are more than 5 years old. The checkup is a legal necessity, and you will be unable to register your vehicle without it. It is carried out at approved inspection stations, and the reports are digitally submitted to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). 

Based on the age and state of your vehicle, passing can be a breeze. Here is all you need to know about pink slips.

What is a “pink slip”?

A “pink slip,” despite its name, isn’t necessarily pink. A pink slip, also known as an e-Safety check, is a document from your technician indicating that your vehicle is in excellent operating condition and roadworthy. A pink slip will be necessary to register your automobile if it is beyond a particular age.

Your Castle Hill mechanic will assess your vehicle and either provide a pink slip or a list of fixes required to pass inspection. Although you are not legally required to complete the repairs following the inspection, driving an unroadworthy vehicle is unlawful. The technician will also report the results of the examination to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

How much does a pink slip cost?

Pink slips are just a standard price in NSW and will cost you $42 (plus a call-out fee for a mobile technician) to cover the mechanic’s effort in inspecting your vehicle, issuing a report, and electronically transmitting it to the RMS.

During a pink slip inspection, what sections of the car are inspected?

It is very crucial to ensure that your car is roadworthy and safe to drive because it will affect the safety of your passengers. A mechanic will be looking at the following areas:

What happens now that my car has passed the eSafety inspection?

The pink slip will be electronically transmitted to the RMS by your technician. You must then get a green slip or CTP insurance (required auto insurance), which will be digitally transmitted to the RMS. Following that, you may complete the vehicle registration procedure online, by phone, by mail, or in person at the local NSW service facility.

How long is the pink slip valid?

Pink slips are only valid for 6 months, and you must complete your car registration within that time frame (since the pink slip has been issued). If you were unable to register during that period, you will need to get another pink slip and have your car inspected again.

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